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The Need
There is a great need to help raise the level of education throughout Uganda. Uganda has a 3.4 percent population growth rate, one of the highest in the world; 38 percent of the entire country lives below the poverty rate; and per capita income is a mere $285 a year. Research shows that education is the single most effective way of escaping the cycle of poverty. As in any region with an ongoing crisis, children and women are the most vulnerable populations. Further, girls often miss out on the opportunity for an education because of cultural norms, health and safety issues, and economic pressures to help out at home.

Global Backpack Project is partnering with Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD), a registered Community Based Organization (CBO), which shares similar goals advocating for children, women and communities.  BUVAD conducts development work within the District of Kayunga located in Uganda. Most of the families in this village are low income earning groups. They cannot manage a balanced diet or create income-generating projects. And while the government’s Universal Primary Education system (UPE) schools do not charge school fees, they do require children to have money for lunch, shoes, a school uniform and books. Many families simply don't have the resources to buy these items for their children.

Create a sustainable program that supports the education of 650+ children within the Bwetyaaba Primary School district by providing those in need with backpacks, supplies and uniforms for school. 

Phase 1 - Completed April 2011 -
Provide new backpacks, school supplies and uniforms for a portion of the population of girls and boys attending the Bwetyaaba Primary School.  Special focus is to be made on children not currently in school because they lack the required uniform and supplies.
Phase 2 - In Progress
Secure in-kind shipping and logistics of donated backpacks, school supplies and soccer balls currently housed at GBP Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. 

Phase 3 - In Progress
Raise funds to supply the remaining children of the Bwetyaaba Primary School with backpacks, supplies and uniforms. 

While we are starting with this school, we hope to expand to other schools in the village and sub-county which include seven more schools and approximately 2,500 students. This would make a huge impact on a very impoverished, underserved area.

"In the central region of Uganda, where Kayunga is located, there is very little outside intervention.  A community group like BUVAD tries very hard to address local concerns with very few resources. What this donation from GBP tells the community is that they are not alone in the world.  This donation will bring excitement, confidence and pride to the lives of these children.  They are eager to learn and will truly appreciate receiving backpacks and supplies.  Thanks to GBP for your support."

John Haley
Organizational Capacity Builder

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